Control Air Traffic on Your iPad in 3D

Sun, Apr 11, 2010

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Remember when a 3D movie required those flimsy folding glasses, one blue lens and one red? Well it’s time to break them out and clean off the dust, because Australian developer Firemint has brought 3D to the best-selling game Flight Control HD. And it’s not stereoscopic, like those new fancy TVs; the 3D level can be played with any anaglyph glasses.

The new 3D map utilizes two superimposed but offset color layers, which creates a 3D effect when viewed through and red/cyan anaglyph glasses. If you don’t have any, never fear! Head over to amazon, where one American dollar will buy you a pair. It may seem like an odd mix of old and brand new, but Robert Murray, CEO of Firemint, thinks the older technology compliments Flight Control’s pop-culture retro aesthetic. Says Murray, “The idea of red/cyan 3D just seemed like a wonderfully retro interpretation of modern 3D technology, it suits Flight Control very nicely.”

Flight Control HD is sitting pretty at No. 4 in the top paid iPad games on iTunes, so grab your shiny new iPad, put on those classy red and blue shades, and start directing flights in 3D.

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