Conquer Online Gets in the Zone

Wed, Jan 25, 2012

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So you say you’ve gone online and conquered all there is to conquer online in Conquer Online. Well, the conquering heroes at NetDragon, a TriplePoint client, have added a bunch of new stuff that nobody has conquered quite yet. That’s right — there are new things in the game that are not yet firmly under your heel. Are you going to stand for that?

The press release has a full list of the new features, such as:

In this new map, there will be no rules or restrictions to PKing! Players will have the green light to unleash their cruel inner beasts and can take down as many other players as they like. The new map encourages epic PvP, because battles here will earn you zero PK points!

Kill players without being marked as having killed players? Done. Get online so I can conquer you.

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