Confirmed – Okami Sequel Coming to America

Sun, Apr 25, 2010

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It’s been nearly 4 years since the surprise hit Okami arrived on the PS2 and delighted gamers with its beautiful art, Zelda-ish gameplay and delightful story. Now it is time to break it back out, dust off your PS2 (or Wii if you have the port), and bone up on the story because it has been confirmed that Okamiden, the sequel to Okami, will be arriving in America in 2011.

The interim year will give you time to pick up a Nintendo DS as well, if you don’t already have one, because Okamiden is for DS only. The new game appears to be thankfully keeping the original art style and getting even cuter. The star of Okamiden is Chibiterasu, the sun god Amatersau’s wolf cub, who will be partnering with more of the original game characters’ offspring, like Kuni, son of Okami’s Susano. Although moving from the PS2 to the DS may seem a little strange, Okamiden’s producer Motohide Eshiro explains that they decided to use the DS for the more intuitive stylus action which maps better to Okamiden’s brush stroke mechanics. The DS title will include an improved brush mechanic, including character movement directed by brush strokes and new ways to fight enemies.

No specific date has been announced yet for the release, but it has been confirmed for sometime in 2011.

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