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Mon, Mar 29, 2010

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For those who like to have one of every item in your Facebook games, take note of these two new Magic Trees in Country Story. Magic Trees are earned by trading in Tree Spirits, those adorable little objects that are left behind after a tree has died after it’s gone through its allowed amount of seasons, or harvests.

The two new trees come in the form of a Licorice Twister (which was apparently found by a child in a candy factory, who stole the seeds and began distributing them), and a Pandora’s Pandan, which was apparently first brought to our planet by blue, winged aliens in the 1950′s.

To earn the Licorice Twister, you’ll need one of each of the following spirits: White, Colorful, and Alien, while the Pandora’s Pandan requires the Laughing, Sad, and Orange tree spirits.

Remember that you can also purchase the trees outright for Playfish Cash (you technically purchase the tree spirits separately, but if you have none of the six, both trees have a final total cost of 25 Playfish Cash), if you’d rather not trade for the required tree spirits with your Country Story friends.

Head over to the game’s page to see if you have the items necessary to add one of these new Magic Trees to your farm.

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