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Wed, Apr 28, 2010

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Over on the Mafia Wars fan page, Zynga has announced the launch of a series of new Challenge Missions that take place in the new in-game city of Paris. Paris is unique in that it doesn’t contain multiple tabs of increasingly difficult jobs; rather, it consists of three Challenge Missions (a new feature for the game) that will be released over the next three weeks. What this means is that this week, we can simply play through Chapter 1 of the Parisian event. Next week, we’ll gain access to Chapter 2, and the week after that, Chapter 3, with the entire event ending at the end of the three week period.

You can find and travel to Paris through the Mafia Wars cities sub-menu. Clicking on Paris will bring up a pop-up allowing you to start the first challenge mission – Steal the Mona Lisa.

Stealing the Mona Lisa is a three-part task, comprised of three smaller jobs: Enter Paris, Track Down Your Fixer, and Gather The Materials. To complete these jobs, you’ll need a certain about of Parisian Maps. Luckily, as you enter the event, you can collect 10 free maps from the get-go. After doing so, a timer will begin, allowing you to collect even more maps after 24 hours.

In terms of the jobs, the mechanics of completing them are what you’d expect – you simply hit the “Do Job” button. However, as you complete the jobs, you’ll gain “heat” in your “Job Heat Meter.” What this means is that the Parisian authorities will start coming after you, in an attempt to shut down your operation. If you allow the meter to become too full, the jobs will switch to require more energy and even more maps per attempt. Waiting 8 hours will cause the bar to reset, allowing you to continue on.

And so it goes – you collect maps every 24 hours, and must pause in your progress to let the Heat Meter drop. It’s definitely a waiting game; even more so than the gameplay in the rest of Mafia Wars’ cities.

That being the case, it’s best to start things into motion sooner, rather than later, so your timers can start counting down for your continued progress that much sooner. Head over to the Mafia Wars game page to get started.

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