Complete FrontierVille Quests to Earn Items in FarmVille, Cafe World

Wed, Sep 29, 2010

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In an effort to grow the 30+ million user family that is known as FrontierVille, Zynga is offering users a chance to earn new items in other Zynga games, like Cafe World and FarmVille, for playing FrontierVille.

For the Cafe World cross-promotion, we see a quest called “Homestead Cafe Part 1.” This quest asks you to clear five grasses from your Homestead, plant ten tomatoes, and then harvest ten tomatoes. For doing so, you’ll unlock Part 2 of this quest (along with receiving come coins and experience points as a reward) which simply allows you to claim your Spice Reward of 6 free Instant Spices or Spice Rack reward (a completed Spice Rack) back in Cafe World.

This means that users that are looking to finish their Spice Racks or who need some extra premium spices to help them finish the many Catering Missions that can benefit from their use, they will be that much closer to Cafe World superiority after finishing said quest.

As for FarmVille, the quest is called FarmVille Part 1, and it asks you to plant 20 crops, harvest 20 crops, and buy three cows from the market. If you want to finish this one quick, plant clover, as it only takes five minutes to grow. After finishing the quest, you will be rewarded with The FarmVille Quest Part II.

This part of the quest allows you to simply claim your Mule back in FrontierVille (see a picture of the mule at the top of this post). As with the Cafe World quest reward, all you’ll need to do is click on the “Claim Reward” button to be taken back to FarmVille where your mule will be waiting for you.

While these quests will appear in due time as a pop-up while you play either FarmVille or Cafe World, in the case of FarmVille, you can also manually trigger the launch by clicking on this link. This will take you straight into FrontierVille (skipping loading FarmVille altogether), where you should find the FarmVille Quest 1 waiting for you in your available quest set (check the Missions tab if you don’t see it on the left side of the screen).

Have you completed either of these new quests in FrontierVille yet? What do you think of these cross-promotions between games? Are they worth it? Let us know in the comments!

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