Company and Game are Not Very Pea See

Fri, Mar 30, 2012

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Gotta Pea? Not at the moment, but thanks for checking. Though, apparently we’ll all get some Pea soon enough, according to Gotta Pea. Yes, that is the TriplePoint client’s name. Their games involve peas, you see, as is the case in their upcoming physics-based iOS title, Peakour. It’s a game about getting your pea all over the place.

What? You’re not the only ones who can make those jokes, guys. Though Gotta Pea does make several in their press release.

Players get their first taste of the Gotta Pea® characters, taking on the role of PeaG as he skillfully maneuvers through 100 perplexing parkour puzzle levels, positioning bits of “junk” with varying shapes and physical attributes to perform cool tic-tacs, back-flips, rolls, cat leaps, grinds, vaults and spring jumps. Collect strategically placed bottle caps as you guide PeaG through the challenging course while avoiding the dangerous Zompea radioactive yuck pool below. Achieve various goals to discover more adventurous worlds, new junk elements and added obstacles like breakaway icicles, hazardous flames, floating bubbles and teleporters. Best of all, compare stats with your friends on the V.I.Pea leaderboards and collect 250 bottle caps to create and share your own puzzle levels in-app using “Peacasso’s Creation Station”.

You can look forward to a lot of these as Gotta Pea continues its development. I guess if you’re lining up to buy this game, you’re minding your peas in queues.

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