Communication Between FarmVille Neighbors Is Now Easier Thanks to Comment Boxes

Sun, Mar 14, 2010

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Zynga has made some fairly large changes to the way users can communicate with their neighbors in FarmVille. While posting sign boards was fine in the beginning, along with the occasional pop-up informing users that a few people had visited their farm, there was never a comprehensive way to figure out just which users (beyond the first two or three) visited your farm, fertilized your crops or fed your chickens. If you wanted to individually thank someone for doing so, you were left guessing as to who fertilized your crops perhaps based on who you thought was the most active of your friends.

The new FarmVille comment box is set to change all that, by providing a timeline of activity on your farm. Now, when you login to the game, you’ll see a new icon in the top right corner of the screen with a number representing how many “news” items you have yet to read. When you open the box, you’ll see which exact friends completed which activity on your farm, and you’ll be able to click one of two small buttons: “Send Gift” or “Visit Farm” that are placed on each news item, in order to return the favor of helping out on their farm, or send them a free gift in thanks (the gifts are the same as those on the free gifts page).

Additionally, when other users visit your farm, they can click on your comment box and leave a comment that will be available for you to read when you return (you can also opt to place a sign board, just as you previously would). To protect your friends’ anonymity, when another user opens your comment box and attempts to view your timeline, they will see placeholders for the amount of friends that helped out on your farm, but the names and profile pictures have been removed, as we can see from the screenshot below.

Let us know your thoughts on this new feature in the comments. We’d love to know what you think.

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  • Jim Douglas

    It is so annoying to have it on my screen. No matter what I do I cant get rid of it. The visitors avatar is right in the middle of the screen. I have read the comment clicked the x and the next time I return to the farm it is there again. Leave things alone……..

  • Kate Hancock

    Agreed, this is yet another thing filling up the gameplay screen. It's
    annoying, yes, but once the notifications cease to exist you have to
    understand the developers point of view.

    Just to be clear, we don't make the games – just report on them ;) You can,
    however, complain to Zynga on the PetVille forums here:

  • Brandy Shaul

    Psst. Kate, that's FarmVille – not PetVille. We'll blame it on your big week at GDC, ok? ;-)

    Thanks for the comment Jim – for your reference, here's the correct Zynga forum link:

  • Kate Hancock

    Keepin' me on my toes – I like it!

  • farmville hints and tips

    They brought this to Petville first although I noticed that practically nobody was using it. Now that it's on Farmville, all I've heard is negative comments.

    Seems that people are worried about new obligations. i.e. they feel obliged to visit back, comment back etc. Many prefer anonymity it seems.


  • farmville cheats

    I think email would be even better, but then again I am old school<grin>.

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