College Humor Takes on Apple iPad via Parody Video (How Else?)

Sun, Jan 31, 2010

iPad has been busy with their own sort of iPad development since the device was announced last week – for College Humor, that means writing jokes, scripting scenes and filming a hilarious video mockery of Apple’s newest handheld, the iPad.

Their resulting little gem is entitled The iPad is a Comedy Gold Mine: Its most revolutionary feature is its big fat stupidness. Of course it’s hilarious. Enjoy:

As Mashable reports, the Apple iPad is a “revolution in parody inspiration. College Humor has put their foot down with a definitive take on the device: it’s pure comedy gold.”

“Thanks to its ‘absurd and unwieldy size,’ the iPad jokes apparently write themselves, according to CH’s Senior Vice President of Size Jokes. From alternatives names like ‘iPod jumbo’ and ‘iPaid too much’ to the inevitable feminine hygeine mockery this device is plainly asking for, the iPad will ‘change the way we make fun of Apple.’”

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