Collect Mechs for Fun and Also for Survival

People will collect anything, if given the chance. Stamps, bottlecaps, action figures, tiny adorable monsters, you name it. One doesn’t usually imagine that “enormous walking death machines” is on the list, though, since you’d probably assume mech collection is prohibitively expensive and legally dubious. Thankfully, as with all things, there’s an app for that. TriplePoint client 6waves has given Offworld to players onworld, free of charge for their iOS-based mech-controlling devices, so that together we may enjoy mech collection — and then use our collections to fight off well-armed criminals. Is there any hobby that the digital age can’t enable?

From the press release:

Starting now, space-faring mobile gamers must collect and train powerful combat mechs, called Strikers, to face off against enemy mechs in battles for interplanetary spoils and glory. Download Offworld for iPhone, iPod, and iPad now at will also be available soon on Google Play for Android devices.

Get to it!

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