Collect Lost Shells in Happy Aquarium

Wed, Mar 17, 2010

Happy Aquarium, Social

Click on the new Collections icon in your menu bar in Happy Aquarium and you’ll be alerted to a Sea-Princess that needs your help. She has broken her shell necklace and needs you to find the missing shells to put it back together.

This new feature is available to users level 10 and above, and you can find the shells inside treasure chests (remember to check the chest in Harold’s Demo Tank as well). When you find a shell, you’ll receive a pop-up allowing you to show off your discovery to friends and “share the wealth.”

There are nine shells to find in all, with varying rarities. What do you get for retrieving all of the shells? Unfortunately, as I’ve yet to complete the collection, that remains a mystery. If you beat us to a complete collection, let us know what you receive in the comments!

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  • Becky

    I have been collecting shells since it started…I CANNOT seem to get the
    last shell and I am very frustrated…some days I don't get shells when
    clicking chest. I need help to finish this..