Coffee is Coming to Cafe World

Wed, May 26, 2010

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Late yesterday, Zynga announced a new feature in Cafe World – Coffee is coming to the game. You’ll be introduced to this as-of-now still in-the-works feature through a series of pop-ups that appear when you click on the Coffee Machine crate in the top right corner of the gameplay window.

This brings up a series of pop-ups, the first of which allows you to add the wooden crate, which contains the coffee machine, to your cafe. Place it off in the corner, as it’s likely you won’t be touching it again for a little while.

Next, you’ll be told that you can open the crate, thus freeing the Coffee Machine, but that the lid on the crate is stuck, and you need to complete a task to open it. In this case, you need to add to your neighbor count. As we can see from the screenshot below, I would need to either add five new neighbors to my count in Cafe World, or pay 25 Cafe Cash to pay a locksmith to open it instantly.

Once this new coffee feature launches in full, it will offer a “new way to play in your cafe,” by introducing a new coffee menu complete with a variety of drinks, and the ability to earn Buzz Points (that is, raise your cafe’s popularity rating), Cafe Points and coins by clicking on an individual customer to serve them.

Head over to your cafe to start unpacking your own Coffee Machine!

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  • K Cups

    This is a great game.

  • K Cups

    This is a great game.