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Tue, Jun 22, 2010

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You may have spent weeks cleaning building after building in Social City, even if only to return the building to a Happiness Point distribution state (remember, dirty buildings offer no happiness to your town’s citizens), but did you ever ask yourself where all of the garbage from those dirty buildings went?

The answer is simple – the trash and debris goes to the City Dump, and every Social City mayor can get their hands on one of these new items, for free, after simply cleaning 20 Leisure Buildings in their town.

If you’ve been playing the game without fail, you’ll notice that this 20 building counter is actually a large decrease from the original requirement of cleaning 100 buildings to receive the free dump.

Once you clean your required 20 buildings, the Dump will automatically appear in your inventory, along with the following pop-up, rewarding you with 5,000 coins and 20 experience points for reaching this great milestone.

After you place the Dump in your town, it will immediately be available to help clean your town of all “messy” buildings. Cleaning your town is as simple as clicking on the City Dump and using one of your available energy to clean it. All users start out with a small amount of energy, and you can post a news item to your feed that allows them to send you more.

You can also buy more energy outright, as seen below, at a rate of 8 Energy for 12 City Bucks.

This is a fairly complex new addition to the game, but for those users with massive towns, filled with leisure buildings, and for those users who simply get tired of clicking on every single unit in town will be very impressed. Head over to the game’s page to try out this new feature.

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  • Barbara Ralph

    My friends are asking me for more energy in Social City. Where do I find this item to send?