Clean Bombs Hit PetVille, Neighborhood Bonuses Explode

Fri, Mar 5, 2010

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Clean Bombs are available now in PetVille! Zynga introduced the new consumable item this week, and now Clean Bombs are all the rage in the PetVille premium store.

You can drop a Clean Bomb into any dirty house to instantly clean all the trash in the entire house and the pet! When you use a Cleam Bomb to clean up, you’ll also receive double the Love Points and Coins (that you would have earned in that house) as a bonus reward!

Clean Bombs are sold in packs of 5 in the premium store. The 5-pack currently costs 2 Pet Cash. The new Clean Bombs should be a big help in completing this week’s “Good Neighboring Award” challenge – just use them wisely. It looks like the current price (2 Pet Cash) is an introductory sale – it will be interesting to see how much Clean Bombs will cost once the deal goes away.By the way, in case you want to try out a pack of Clean Bombs but don’t have any Pet Cash, check out this note from Zynga in the PetVille forums: “We’ve also scattered some more Pet Cash out in the neighborhood inside of toy chests. The more houses you visit (and more neighbors you have), the greater the chance you will have to find the Pet Cash. These chests are in addition to the initial chests you might have already found. We are still evaluating other possible ways for players to earn Pet Cash. Keep in mind that these chests are elusive, it will take you some time to save up.”

That means, if you don’t already have a few bucks on-hand, you should be able to scrounge up 2 Pet Cash without too much trouble – if you look hard enough. Or if you’re too impatient, you can always purchase more of the premium virtual currency with real cash!

I think these Clean Bombs are awesome – a huge time-saver for players like me who don’t have hours to roam around cleaning the neighborhood, but still want to level up in this lifetime. 2 Pet Cash seems pretty darn reasonable too. What do you think about them?

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