Class is in Session! Celebrate Back to School Week in Pet Society!

Mon, Sep 27, 2010

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While it may seem to be coming a bit later in September than we might have expected, Playfish is finally putting Pet Society through a “Back to School” makeover, allowing users to add a bit of academia to their own homes.

The theme stars in the game’s Outdoor Shop, where under the Furniture section, you’ll find two kinds of stadium seating: red and white. They both cost 500 coins each, and come in small enough sections as to allow you to customize the size of your overall bleachers to be as large or as small as you want. A piece of chain-link fencing is also available – you wouldn’t want your patrons to get hit with a baseball or football, now would you?

Moving onto the Furniture Store, you’ll find all the makings of a Pet Society classroom, including two types of school desks (one pink and one blue), and a chalkboard that animates with an eraser.

The next item is found in the game’s Market, under the Party & Gifts section, where you can purchase a “Summoning School Bell” for 11 Playfish Cash. The item is described with the following: It’s time for school! you’ll never know who you’ll meet if you ring this bell!”

Also in the Market, this time under the Cool Stuff section, you can take a look at any item that won’t be available in the game for a few more hours. It’s a limited edition microscope that costs 3,000 and will be available in limited quantities. Set a reminder now if you want to make sure you can claim one later.

In the game’s Boutique, or Cash Shop, you’ll find a buildable object, the School Scoreboard Clock, which animates as both teams score. The item is an actual clock, presenting the current time in the real world, rather than counting down time like in a sporting event. You can either purchase the scoreboard outright for 24 Playfish Cash, or you can build it with the help of 20 friends, who will receive coins for helping you out.

When it comes to new clothing in this theme, the game’s Clothing Store offers some branded items in association with EA’s Surviving High School, the free app that can be played on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You’ll be able to choose from a cheerleader outfit for little girl pets (the outfit and shoes will cost you 800 coins in total), along with a red wig for 1,000 coins. For little boy pets, you can purchase a green wig for 1,000 coins, along with a “Spike” set of top, pants, and shoes for 600 coins in total.

In addition, three lockers and a poster branded with the Surviving High School name are also available. There are lockers for three kinds of student stereotypes, the Nerd, Cheerleader, and the Jock. Each costs 900 coins. The poster costs just 15 coins.

In the game’s D.I.Y. Shop, you can find an indoor classroom wallpaper for 500 coins, along with a set of outdoor wallpaper and flooring that will make your room look like the track and field area at a typical school.

Finally, under the Windows & Doors section of the shop, you’ll find a classroom door for 700 coins, and a large window, complete with a blind for 600 coins.

With some of these items being available in the game for one week only, head over to Pet Society on Facebook sooner, rather than later, to make sure you have a chance at all of the items you’re interested in before they are pulled from the store!

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