Civilization 5 Makes a Return to Days of Old War Games

Tue, Mar 23, 2010

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GamesBeat recently took a look at Civilization 5 (Civ5) from Firaxis Games and Take-Two Interactive, and found that while the game holds onto the real-time-strategy gameplay found in its predecessors, that the game itself will be a very different experience, especially when compared directly to Civilization IV.

Civ5 looks more organic, with more focus on natural details like mountains and rivers, and also contains a new hexagonal grid layout. This new layout will help in combat. After you’ve positioned your settlers, built up cities, and established effective combat units, your soldiers can move across multiple hexes, or shoot across 2 hexes at once, as is the case with archers and other ranged attack combatants.

Depending on what type of land the military unit is positioned on, they can experience specific advantages and disadvantages. For example, units perched atop a high mountain top would be able to hold off those attackers who are trying climb up to them from below.

The game contains multiple true-to-life leaders from the world’s history, who will act according to how their namesakes acted in real life. GamesBeat gave an example of Queen Elizabeth of England, who will appropriately attempt to create a sea empire when she is an active character in the game.

The game’s map also contains multiple city-states, which are neutral, computer controlled cities that can be conquered and/or aided as you see fit. That is, you can grow as a peaceful, culturally inspired nation, or you can grow your military prowess and attempt world-wind domination.

Civilization 5 will be released sometime this fall. We’ll have more news for you about the game as it becomes available.

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