Choo Choo! Ride the Lucky Train on Facebook – A Frisky Hands-On

Thu, Sep 2, 2010

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A Bit Lucky has launched a new Facebook game appropriately entitled Lucky Train. The title was launched at the tail end of June, and has since taken off. Regardless of the fact that the developer is a relative unknown in the world of Zynga or Playfish, Lucky Train now sits at a cool 880,000 players, with that number rising all of the time.

Lucky Train is a unique take on the city-building genre, that instead places you in charge of an entire “County,” rather than just a city. In the middle of said County is a train station, and instead of adding a population to your town, all of the residential structures you’ll build will create passengers who want to right on trains that come through the station. Through this is where you’ll find the majority of gameplay.

There are three AI characters in Lucky Train, and even if you never have another real-world friend to play the game with you, you’ll always have train routes connecting your county to the counties of these three computer characters. When a train comes from one of their counties and makes a stop at your station, you’ll be able to fill the train with as many passengers as it will carry. For these Local Routes, as they are called, passengers will pay less than the normal fare (in terms of coins), and the routes take less time to complete, with a train making a complete cycle through all three AI county towns and back to yours in around an hour and a half (that is, before any upgrades have been added to the route).

This gives you great incentive to find a friend who plays the game, as the routes you create between real world players are called Cross-Country Routes, which generate more money (passengers pay the full fare to ride), and take less “babysitting,” in that they take longer to make a round-trip, giving you time to go off and do other things.

As you progress, you can upgrade trains to hold more passengers (as you’d expect, the more passengers a train can hold, the more experience points and coins you’ll earn each time a train departs from your station), or to travel faster, meaning that they’ll travel at a higher rate of speed and complete their routes in a shorter amount of time, giving you another opportunity to earn experience points and coins as the train rapidly returns to your station.

You’ll also be able to add decorative items to your county to give it more personality, with items coming in the form of flower beds, trees, and even reflecting pools. You can even upgrade your buildings, so that the passengers generated will pay more money and will reward you with more experience points when boarding a train.

Lucky Train is a simply game in its concept and execution, but seems to be a great way to get friends in on the act, as upgrades purchased by one user are spread throughout each stop on the route – friends helping friends succeed. If you’d like to start your own Lucky Train route, be sure to head over to the game’s page on Facebook. Before you go, check out our Frisky Hands-On video of the game below to see what to expect should you decide to come play the game with us.

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