Chinese Developer Offers the Best of All Worlds With Happy Farm 2

Wed, Feb 17, 2010

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Chinese developer Five Minutes is hoping that they can cash in on some of the success found by games like FarmVille, Farm Town, and even non-farm simulations like YoVille and Pet Society with its sequel to the original Happy Farm, appropriately titled Happy Farm 2.

The game combines elements from all of the above, and more. According to Inside Social Games, the final product has all of the makings of a basic farming simulator – you plant seeds, water them, remove pests and eventually harvest them – but adds in elements like a fish pond, complete with talking fish, and the ability to enter into your farm’s homestead; this is where the game channels YoVille, if you haven’t already guessed.

Once inside, you can decorate your home with various pieces of furniture, but to buy furniture in the first place, you enter into a miniature city-like area (Pet Society, anyone?), and can walk from store to store buying gifts, fish, seeds, clothing, decorations for your field, and fertilizer (among other farming essentials), along with visiting a bank and an animal breeder.

While I could do without the miniature town aspect (I’m perfectly fine with buying my items from a pop-up menu), I have to admit that the prospect of decorating my farmer’s home is an incredibly appealing one; one that perhaps Zynga will implement if games like Happy Farm 2 find real success. For now though, head over to Happy Farm 2’s game page and give it a try.

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