Check Your Happy Pets into the Happy Pets Hotel

Thu, Mar 25, 2010

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Are all of your rooms in Happy Pets full of adorable animals, but you’d still like to buy more, without putting your other pets up for adoption (ie: getting rid of them)? CrowdStar has released a new feature within the game that is perfect for you, in the form of the Happy Pets Hotel.

The hotel can be accessed by clicking on the small building icon next to the laser pointer at the bottom of the gameplay window. When you click on it, you’ll be met with a pop-up like the one below, with multiple spots to check pets into the hotel, thereby freeing up space in your room(s).

The service is free, as I have placed and removed multiple pets into and out of my hotel and was never charged for adding or removing them from the space, so this looks to simply be a way to store some pets while you take care of others. Feel free to fill the space with pets and expand your cuddly collection of critters by heading over to the game’s page.

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