Chatville Brings Chatroulette to Facebook

Fri, May 21, 2010

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While Chatroulette may have an innocent enough premise, its execution has left a lot to be desired, what with all of the, how shall we say, adult content one can (and most likely will) run into when being partnered with a random stranger.

In comes Chatville, a new Facebook app, to change all of that. Chatville combines the innocence of web chatting with profiles on Facebook, allowing users to chat via webcam only with other Facebook users, with the logic being that when someone can see your name and public profile on Facebook, that they’ll be less likely to do or say something inappropriate.

As reported by Shiny Shiny, CEO of Digsby (Chatville’s creator), Steven Shapiro, says that “[Chatville] combines the best elements of Chatroulette with the gaming and viral mechanics of apps like Farmville.”

How is that? First, users can take pictures of their conversations, or even record videos which can be posted to their wall on Facebook for everyone else to see (thus luring them in to try the app themselves), and you can also turn on the “Chat with Friends,” option, which (should) entirely eliminate the fear of using the service, as you are then limited to chatting with your already-established Facebook friends. You can also offer your chat partners compliments and badges if you enjoy the experience.

What to try Chatville for yourself? Head over to the app’s page on Facebook to install it to your profile and get started.

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