Chartboost Hoping to Boost Charts with New Chart-Boosting Partners

Wed, Aug 29, 2012

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If you’re unfamiliar with TriplePoint client Chartboost, let me boost your ranking on the “Oh, now I get it” charts. Let’s say you’re playing a free mobile game, and you’ve just drawn something, or held back the zombies for another day, or discovered that your endless run wasn’t quite as endless as you hoped. In between rounds, it’s time for a quick advertisement to make sure that — since you’re playing for free, like the cheapskate you are — the folks behind the game can have a bite to eat later. Unfortunately, here you are playing an ultra-violent zombie shooter, and you’re getting an ad for tremendous savings on house paint and pre-natal care. Maybe those apply to you; everyone plays games, after all. But chances are, the targeting is a little off.

Chartboost starts by just offering content about other games — a product you’re clearly already interested in — and by actually vetting their advertisers, offering cross-promotions with those game companies, and now, by letting small developers get content from some of the biggest names in the mobile market. In a new announcement, they’ve laid out newly available deals from Crowdstar, Kabam, GREE, and Booyah. In Crowdstar’s own words, this hooks up indie studios with “an easy way to generate significant revenue by advertising other hit mobile games from developers who, between now and the holiday season, will have multiple million-dollar advertising budgets.”

From the press release:

By utilizing this Kiosk program, any game developer can tap into the advertising budgets of several industry leaders to increase their own revenue. Chartboost’s network includes over 5,000 different mobile game developers and hosts more than three billion game sessions per month. By leveraging this network, developers using the platform for direct deals, cross-promotion, and advertising are making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

So if your game isn’t generating the revenue you’d hoped from the basic “your ad here” package that just tells your players “OMFG MEET SINGLES IN YOUR AREA RIGHT NOW,” this may be an option to look into.

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