Chaos Rings Available on iPad, Square Enix Apps on Sale

Fri, Aug 13, 2010

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Square Enix has filled the mobile gaming world with news this week, as not only have these released a new iPad game in the form of Chaos Rings, but they’re also holding a developer-wide sale on both iPhone and iPad games for a limited time.

Chaos Rings Now Available on iPad

Square’s latest title is a port of the iPhone / iPad Touch game that launched in April of this year. The title is a role-playing game, set around a large battle tournament known as Arca Arena, which is comprised of teams of two, who compete for victory and the hope for eternal life.

As you play the game, you’ll gain experience points and levels (this is an RPG after all), and will be able to upgrade your team’s combo skills, which would then allow you to unleash stronger attacks in subsequent battles.

Battles themselves are turn-based, and you can either battle with solo moves, which are entered in for each character separately, or through pair moves, that allow your team of characters to execute actions as a pair, which gives the move more power.

As players battle new enemies, they’ll unlock DNA segments from these monsters called “genes,” which can be equipped by your characters, allowing you to learn a monster’s magic attacks or special moves.

Chaos Rings  now available for $15.99 (iTunes link).

Square Enix Holding Sale on iPhone/iPad Games

In celebration of the launch of Chaos Rings on iPad, Square has put all of their iPhone and iPad games on sale for a limited time.  The sale runs from now until August 26, giving you quite a bit of time to decide which games to pick up.

Here’s the full list of available titles, along with prices and links to iTunes for your shopping pleasure. Also, make special note of Sliding Heroes, which is temporarily free as part of this sale.

iPhone Games:

iPad Games:

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