Changes to Mafia Wars’ New York Property System Have Gone Live

Tue, Feb 16, 2010

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The Mafia Wars: New York property update that we were all promised earlier this month has gone live in-game, and while it may make things a lot easier to understand for the uninitiated, it also serves to slow down the flow of cash into your American bank account via its tweaked timing system.

First and foremost, the undeveloped properties upon which you built your casinos and hotels have been removed, with the total monetary value for all owned properties being automatically deposited into your bank account.

Another massive difference found after the update is in the distribution of funds from your businesses. Instead of receiving one, smaller total every 60 minutes (the accumulation of all of your wages from every business), you’ll now have to wait a pre-determined amount of time before collecting from each individual business type.

The lowly restaurant can be cashed out every two hours, while you must wait to collect from hotels and casinos for one or two days, respectively. While it may seem like it initially, you’re not technically losing money in this new system, as your averaged income per hour remains unchanged; you’ll just have to wait quite a while before reaping the rewards of your entrepreneurial empire.

According to, more features will open up on the property page in the near future, including a map where we’ll potentially be able to locate new properties to purchase, although that has not been confirmed.

Either way, there are plenty of changes here to get used to, and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the delayed payment system yet. Let us know in the comments – how do you feel about the changes that have been made?

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