Changes Are Coming to the Cafe World Gift Box

Mon, Mar 1, 2010

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Big changes are coming to your gift box in Cafe World. As the box plays an integral role in most of our daily dealings with the game, these changes will affect everyone who plays the game, in some very positive ways. As users who have multiple active neighbors will tell you, the gift box can easily become bogged down in free 100 or 200 serving dishes, sometimes with two or three (or more) of the same dish accounting for an equal amount of places in the gift box, creating a lengthy scrolling process as you make your way from page to page within.

Cafe World’s Community Manager Pinky Chefcadero, however, is saying that this will no longer be the case, as a post on the Zynga community forums has revealed (as reported by that in the future, identical gifts will “stack,” meaning that you’ll still have access to all of your free cakes and pies (among other dishes), but now all of the servings will be combined into one larger, single-click item.

“For example: Let’s say you had an empty gift box. If you accepted only 10 gift pancakes (all the same dish), with 200 servings each, from your friends, the number on the outside of the gift box icon would now say “1”; but total number of servings in that batch of pancakes, inside the gift box, would be 2000. (10 accepted gifts x 200 servings in each pancake gift). So, your servings would be combined.”

Additionally, users will now be able to sell unwanted gifts directly from the gift box, saving a few clicks as well. There’s no word as to when these changes will go live in-game, but one can only hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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