Changes Afoot for Furry Facebook Pastime: New PetVille Comments Wall

Sat, Jan 30, 2010

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Well, we knew it was coming back when all the Facebook games started asking players for permission to receive email notifications…

Since Facebook games can no longer send notices to users’ home pages on the social networking site, game companies must employ a new method of notifying players that they have received a gift (from friends in the game).

So far PetVille is the first social game I’ve seen to implement a new system for receiving gifts (without sending intrusive messages), which adheres to new Facebook rules. But PetVille certainly won’t be the last… expect to see changes in all of your favorite Facebook games in the very near future.

Soon-to-be history

I, for one, am pleased as punch to clear up the clutter on my Facebook home screen… turn down the noise, if you will. Social game developers will no doubt come up with a variety of solutions, and it’ll be interesting (and fun) to see what that means for us players!

For now, I can tell you what’s shakin’ in PetVille – as per Zynga’s clever social solution to the new Facebook requirements – players will notice a new button labeled “Comments” in the game’s toolbar.

Now you just check your “Comments Wall” when you log into PetVille – not only to find out if you received any gifts, but also to read notes from friends and see who visited your pet’s house while you were away. Convenient and fun, I like it. The Comment Wall solves a number of issues for PetVille, plus this is the first time the game has had an internal comment system… Double win!

Here’s what Zynga said about the new Comment Wall on the PetVille fan page: “Who has your pet been playing with while you’re away? Check out the new comment wall to find out! You can even leave a message to say ‘Hello’ to your neighbors!”

What do you think about the new gift request and comment system in PetVille? I’m guessing FarmVille will receive similar updates in the near future, which (let’s be honest) will be a big blessing for most everyone involved. Are you a stickler for the current gift-getting system, or looking forward to less extraneous communication? It’s a new era for Facebook games – like it or not – so hold on tight. With all parties (game developers, Facebook, users) on the same page, it’s only up from here – social gamers FTW!

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