Challenge the Bosses in Mafia Wars’ San Juan Event

Thu, Sep 9, 2010

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After the massive popularity of the “Beat the Feds” mission that was available in Mafia Wars in August, Zynga has added another Challenge Mission to the game, this time in the form a mission called “In’s On in San Juan.”

This mission was released earlier, but due to some technical difficulties, was removed. These bugs now in check, Zynga has re-released the mission, along with giving all users added time to finish the mission – an extra three days, to be exact.

First, you should know that even if you don’t finish the event, just for simply logging into the game and seeing the pop-up below, you receive 100 free Victory Tokens and a Hazard Gear item, which comes equipped with 35 Attack and 71 Defense points – definitely nothing to scoff at for a free item.

Once you start the mission proper, you’ll see that you have four bosses to defeat, in a process that is similar to the Beat the Feds mission. For those that didn’t participate in the latter event, you’ll go up against each boss individually, and can only move onto the next after defeating your current opponent. To start, the battles here are far more difficult, even at their first level, than they were in the Beat the Feds mission.

As an example of this, the very first battle places you against Senor Carazco, who has 10,000 HP. Each attack takes 1 stamina, so unless you’ve been working to add to your overall stamina total while you’ve been playing in other areas of the game, you might find it a bit difficult to beat him in one sitting. You’ll need to move fast, however, as you must beat Carazco within 12 hours or the battle resets and you start over.

As usual, you can ask your friends to help you win each battle by posting a news item to your wall asking for assistance. If you don’t want to do that, you can also use some of your consumable items to damage Carazco instantly, or otherwise give yourself an edge. A health kit heals you back to 100% health, a grenade deals extra damage to the boss along with any additional henchmen that might be present, and a stun gun stuns the boss so that they can’t attack for the next two rounds, as examples of consumable items at your disposal.

Once you beat the boss, you’ll earn a reward item – in the case of Carazco, you’ll earn Throwing Knives, which are worth 30 Attack and 43 Defense points. If you had friends helping you win the battle, the top five friends will also receive the reward.  These items are only rewarded the first time you beat a boss, with each boss being available to beat two more times.

The prize for first defeating General Vargas is a MG Gloss 350 vehicle, worth 57 Attack and 95 Defense points, while Don Ramirez rewards you with a Night Vision Viewer containing 106 Attack and 71 Defense Points. Big Lou rewards the Red Piranha, worth 110 Attack and 82 Defense points, and finally, if you can beat all four bosses all three times (for a total of 12 different battles, each of which is progressively more difficult than the last, with more hit points, and so on), you’ll receive the Gold Mastery prize – the Outlander Jeep, worth 112 Attack and 58 Defense points.

As of right now, there are around seven days remaining to take down all four bosses. As with the Beat the Feds mission, “It’s On in San Juan” should prove to be a time consuming task regardless of your level. That being the case, make sure to head over to the game’s page to start battling these bosses while there’s still time!

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