Celebrate the World Cup With New Happy Island Items

Wed, Jun 9, 2010

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CrowdStar has released a series of limited edition decorations and even an attraction in Happy Island in celebration of the World Cup. As you might have guessed from other games’ coverage of the sporting tournament, the decorations here come in the form of Country Flags (with one exception), while the attraction is a soccer field.

The Neighborhood Pitch is available to purchase for 99 Facebook Credits (or around $10 US). It collects 2300 coins before it can be cashed out. As a premium item, it can be purchased by any user, regardless of level, so keep it in mind even if you’ve only just started playing the game.

As we said, there is one exception to the slew of country flags that were released in the game, when it comes to World Cup decorations. The exception is the golden World Cup statue, which is available to purchase for 15,000 coins. Meanwhile, the rest of the items are said flags, and they are available representing the following countries: Brazil, Australia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Slovakia, Serbia, Portugal, Australia, Denmark, Japan, Greece and Holland. All of these flags cost 15 Facebook Credits each, or $1.50 US.

Want to show your love and support of any of the countries listed above? Head over to the game’s page to start shopping for the flag you want from this theme while they’re still available – once the World Cup is over, your chance at these items leaves with it.

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