Celebrate the Psychedelic 60′s With New Restaurant City Decorations, Free Gifts, and Recipes

Thu, Jul 15, 2010

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It’s Thursday, which means that another update has hit the virtual store shelves of Restaurant City. This week, rather than moving on to a new theme, Playfish has decided to stay put, at least for one more week, right in the 1960′s. We were introduced to the theme last week, with the basic items like tables and chairs, but this week, the focus is much more on decorations. In addition, there are two new free gifts associated with this theme, along with some recipes. But first – the decorations.

Even though additional weeks of a theme tend to contain only bits and pieces, and in fact nothing noteworthy, this theme is entirely different, as there are a slew of new items available to purchase.  There are three new types of chairs, including pink and red versions of the Mod Sofa, and a Wicker Chair. There are no new tables, but there is a new Bead Curtain Door. You can add a set of Gold Records to your wall as art, or build Burgundy or Pink version of the decorative sectional couch by purchasing the pieces from the decorations heading of the store. There, you’ll also find geometric room dividers, statues of hippies, rugs, and even likenesses of the four members of the Beatles – Paul and George are available for coins, while John and Ringo are Playfish Cash items. Finally (in terms of coin items), there are nine new flooring options available, with three new wallpaper options to match.

For the functional or Playfish Cash items, we see, as previously mentioned, John and Ringo statues for 8 and 12 Playfish Cash each, respectively, along with a Hippy Camper Van, also for 12 Playfish Cash. A Plum Floor Rug for 5 Playfish Cash rounds out the premium decorations. Meanwhile, a Hippie Ice Cream Van can be purchased for 20 Playfish Cash, that can serve 2 customers at a time and earns 1,000 coins every four hours.

A Natural Juice Dispenser is available for 10 Playfish Cash, that serves as a drink serving station that serves drinks 12% faster than a traditional dispenser, while a Hippy Stove cooks food 12% faster, that is, if you want to purchase it for 15 Playfish Cash. Finally, a Psychedelic Stove cooks food 4% faster, and costs 15,000 coins.

Along with these new items, there are also two new free gifts to send to your friends (and hopefully receive in return). They are the Hippy Potted Plant and Peace Incense Holder.

Finally, once you outfit your restaurant with new decorations, it would be nice if you had some new food for your customers to eat. To solve that issue, you can now cook two new Main dishes in the game. Both are limited-time-only recipes, meaning that if you don’t learn them within the next 17 days, they will be removed from your menu, presumably for good.

The first is Pho Soup, and it requires four ingredients to learn: Beef, Noodles, Water, and a Chili. The second dish is Vegan Tofu Delight, and it can be learned with just three ingredients: Tofu, Beans and Salad.

This is a fairly large update, so make sure to head over to the game’s page on Facebook to start absorbing all of this new content.

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