Celebrate Mother’s Day in Restaurant City With New Free Gifts

Thu, May 6, 2010

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Playfish has added Restaurant City to the list of games celebrating Mother’s Day this week, with the release of two new free gifts on the game’s free gifts menu.

Both are found under the Decorative Items heading, meaning that, rather than being ingredients or items you feed to employees, these are pretty decorations. One, the Mother’s Day Bouquet, is a street item, meaning that it can only be used to decorate the outside of your restaurant (meaning Street View, not the grassy area you may or may not have purchased in the game), while the other, the bowl of Mother’s Day Chocolates, is an interior decoration, allowing you to place it anywhere within the interior of your building.

While you may initially think that these items would only be appropriate gifts if your mother played Restaurant City, keep in mind that many of your friends and neighbors, who happen to be mothers, may appreciate them as well.

Head over to the game’s page to send these items to friends, or to ask your neighbors to do the same for you. Remember – Mother’s Day is May 9, so don’t delay in doing so!

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