Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Pet Society

Mon, May 3, 2010

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Playfish is celebrating Cinco de Mayo this week with the release of a slew of new items. For starters, in the game’s Garden Shop, you can pick up a pretty pot of chili peppers for 450 coins.

Next, in the Mystery Shop, you’ll find quite a few new interesting and functional items. First, a Mystery Pinata serves as a themed mystery box, rewarding you with one of five different items when you open it. It can be purchased for 7 Playfish Cash. Additionally, you can purchase the services of a Mexican Food Delivery who will bring you a different Mexican themed dish once daily until May 12. Similarly, there are two round pinata options that give you candy, once a day, until May 12.

Moving onto the Furniture Store, we see the release of quite a few new items for the living room. There’s a Serape Wall Hanging, multiple colors of tables and chairs, colorful Maracas, Terracotta Pottery and even a Sombrero! Items range in price from 250 coins for a Mexican Wooden Chair to 1,500 coins for a piece of Sun and Moon wall art.

Continuing on, the Clothing Store has options for both boys and girls that will get your pets ready to party. Girl pets can try on Mexican Party Dresses while boy pets can wear dress up in one of three costumes – Mariachi, Luchadore or Mexican Bandit.

Lastly, in the D.I.Y. Shop, you can pick up carpeting, Terracotta Flooring and a Light Stucco Wallpaper, with all of these items being sure to bring the whole look of the theme together in your home.

If you’d like to start your own Cinco de Mayo celebration in Pet Society, head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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