Celebrate Cafe World’s Anniversary With Sales & New Catering Job!

Sat, Sep 25, 2010

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It’s Cafe World’s one year anniversary, and to help celebrate, Zynga is offering discounts on tons of items both inside the game and out, as well as offering an entirely new Catering Business mission that will have you working to earn (and keep) a series of limited edition recipes. Last but not least, a “one year anniversary sweepstakes” is currently running that will allow chefs to win $1,000 or even a trip for two to New York! First, let’s take a look at the items that are on sale.

The sale on items comes on both Cafe Cash and coin packages, and on in-game items like Spices, Cafe Expansions, and Mystery Crates. As an example, Mystery Crates are now on sale for 8 Cafe Cash, down from the original price of 10 Cafe Cash.

In terms of the Cafe Cash and Coin packages, you can pick up packages like 4 Cafe Cash for $1 (down from $2), 120 Cafe Cash for $17 (down from $20) or 780 Cafe Cash for $85. These deals will only be around for this weekend (specifically today), so make sure to stock up on some Cafe Cash while these discounts are available!

Meanwhile, the new Catering Mission is quite simply an Anniversary Catering mission. you’ll need to serve a series of four new recipes. You’ll need to serve Shanghai Dumplings 65 times, Feijoada 120 times, Pastilla 146 times and Anniversary Cake once.

The Anniversary Cake takes 8 hours to cook, while the Pastilla takes 16 hours. The Feijoada takes 12 hours to cook, and finally, the Shanghai Dumplings take a whopping 22 hours to prepare. Keep these figures in mind when you go to start the catering mission, as you will want to have a full supply of dishes ready to serve before hitting the “Get Started” button to begin the mission proper.

You’ll be able to bring 20 of your friends in to help you on this mission, giving you a bit of a better chance at completing it in time.

In addition to cooking these four dishes, you’ll also need to collect 15 balloons and 10 party favors by asking for help from your friends through individual gift requests sent to your Cafe World neighbors. Should you fear that you won’t collect the required parts in time, you can purchase any part of this mission with Cafe Cash.

As usual, the mission has three reward stars. For finishing the mission in under seven days, you’ll earn the three star rating, as well as the following rewards: 7,560 Cafe Points, 113,400 coins, the next catering business order, and permanent access to the new one year anniversary recipes. To be clear, these recipes will be available to all users until September 30, but you will have needed to complete the Anniversary Catering job before the end of the month to keep them once October rolls around.

For finishing the job in under 10 days in total, you’ll receive the next order in the catering mission line, 5,400 Cafe Points and 81,000 coins. Finally, for simply finishing the mission, you’ll earn 3,240 Cafe Points and 48,600 coins.

For all users that finish this new catering order by September 30, they will be entered into the One Year Anniversary Sweepstakes, that will see 5 lucky chefs each walking away with $1,000 in real world cash each! One grand prize winner will receive a trip for two to New York – a trip valued at $5,000! To win the $1,000, all you have to do is login to the game at least once everyday.

Since this event is time sensitive in nature, make sure to head over to Cafe World’s page on Facebook as soon as possible to make sure you finish this new Catering Mission on time!

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