Celebrate A Second Week of Japanese Items in Pet Society

Mon, Sep 20, 2010

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That’s right – not only did Playfish fill the stores of Pet Society with traditional Japanese items last week, but this week they are doing it again, except with a more “modern” take on the theme, as opposed to traditional.

This week’s theme once again starts in the Outdoor Shop, where under the Gardening section you can find a Flower Pot (in the form of a tea kettle) that will allow you to pull your flowers up from the garden and display them in your own home (all for the price of just 300 coins). In addition, a large tree with Japanese Paper Lanterns is available to purchase for 1300 coins.

Under the Furniture section of the Outdoor Shop, you’ll find a few new items, starting with a “Net-A-Fish Stall,” which costs 6 Playfish Cash, and will allow you to get your hands on all the cute fish that you can carry, which are available in four colors – yellow, pink, black, and red. They’ll cost 100 coins each once you get the Stall into your home.

Other new items include a red standing umbrella, small Garden Table and Garden Stool, all available from 200 – 500 coins each.

In the game’s Mystery Shop, we see the addition of a Japanese Garden Mystery Egg machine, that allows you to purchase eggs containing parts to build your very own Japanese Garden for 600 eggs each. You can also buy them in bundles, with 5 eggs costing 2400 coins, and 13 eggs costing 6000. As you can see, the more you buy, the more you save, and you can also buy the eggs as gifts for your friends.

Moving onto the Pet Society Market, we see a set of new plushies available to purchase. Along with a new Lotus Painting that costs 100 coins, you can now pick up a Buttercup (rabbit) Plushie for 500 coins, or a Tanuki (raccoon) Plushie for 850 coins. The painting and the rabbit plushie will be available in the game for one week only.

Heading over to the game’s Boutique, or Cash Shop, we find a series of Japanese School Uniform clothing bundles. Like the Japanese Garden Mystery Eggs, you save Playfish Cash as you purchase more and more crates. Each create contains one complete outfit, with five outfits being available in all. A single crate costs 5 Playfish Cash, while you can purchase 5 crates for 20 Playfish Cash, and 13 for 50 Playfish Cash. Unfortunately, the comprises the entirety of the clothing options released with this week’s theme, so the Clothing Store offers nothing new in the way of Japanese themed items.

The D.I.Y. Shop does have some new items however, this time taking us on a quick detour to China, with a Chinese Evening Stone Floor and Wallpaper set costing 1400 coins in total. Heading back to Japan, we see a Japanese Tea Room Alcove (an overlay that makes you room appear larger in depth) for 950 coins.

Finally, in the game’s Food shop, under the Grocery heading, you can find two new kinds of Mooncake. The “Pink Icecream Mooncake” costs 60 coins, while the “Chocolate Pet Mooncake” costs just 50 coins.

With some of these items only being available in the game for one week’s time, you’ll want to make sure to head over to Pet Society on Facebook as quickly as possible to make sure you can get your virtual hands-err, paws, on them all.

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