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Mon, Aug 16, 2010

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Cafe World normally reserves the updates for later in the week, when we see new item sets being released in the game’s stores, but the releases came early for us this week, not in the form of new items, but in the addition of new spices to the Spice Rack, and in the launch of a new contest focusing on the Wholesale Dale Catering Business Job

Liven Up Your Dishes With New Spices

Three new dishes have been added to the game’s Spice Rack. The first is the Mastery Mint, which will offer you one extra mastery point for each particular dish it is used on. To be specific, once sprinkled on a cooking dish, when that dish is served (that is, is not allowed to spoil), you’ll earn two points towards mastering that dish, instead of just one.

Meanwhile, the Twelvehour Thyme spice works just as the other Thymes in the game, speeding up the cooking time of a dish by a whopping 12 hours. This is a great alternative for those longer cooking dishes, if you didn’t wish to waste an Instant Thyme, but a Sixhour Thyme just wasn’t enough.

Finally, the Magic Spice is just like the Mystery Spice, in that it will alter your dish in some fashion, but you won’t know what the effect will be until you actually use the spice. All that Zynga will tell us is that the Magic Spice will contain a combination of effects from some of the game’s most powerful spices. What alterations have you found when using these new Magic Spices? Let us know in the comments!

Enter to Win 20,000 Cafe Cash in Catering Contest

If you’re like many players, you might have thought that the first mission in the Cafe World Catering Business, the Wholesale Dale job, required just too many servings to complete, with not enough reward. If that’s the case, how does a 20,000 Cafe Cash reward sound to you? Pretty good, right?

That’s exactly what one lucky Cafe World player will receive in the new “Cook for Dale” contest, being held by Zynga until later this month. The contest is simple – Start your Catering Business and complete the Wholesale Dale job before Midnight on Monday August 23 in order to be entered for a chance to win.

The prices go to 126 lucky chefs. 100 Chefs will win a limited edition fountain, while 25 chefs will win with the special No Clean Fairy, which stops you from having to clean your stoves between cookings. Finally, the one lucky grand prize winner will walk away with 20,000 Cafe Cash.

So what are you waiting for? Bust out those Instant and Twelvehour Thymes and start cooking high serving dishes! Head over to the game’s page to start selling those dishes to Dale while there’s still time!

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