Cater A Birthday Party in Cafe World To Unlock Exclusive Recipe

Wed, Sep 1, 2010

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After fighting with a round of nasty bugs, Zynga has re-released the catering business in Cafe World, and with it comes a new job – Cater a birthday party for Amelia’s soon-to-be six year old niece (Amelia being the Cafe World mascot).

The job is actually a fairly simple one, when compared to the Wholesale Dale catering job, in that you won’t have to serve nearly as many items before you’ll finish the job. As this is a complete birthday party menu, you’ll need to cook more than just cake, as you’ll have three courses, each represented by a different pre-existing recipe.

The first course is the Clubhouse Sandwich, which must be served just 7 times. Next is the Bacon Cheeseburger dish, which must be served 90 times, and finally, the cake is the Triple Berry Cheesecake, which must be served 23 times.

You are allowed to start the timer on the order whenever you’d like, meaning that you can take a look at the menu before actually committing to it. Once you click “Start Order,” you’ll technically have an unlimited amount of time to finish the job, but if you can finish the job in under 3 days, or at least in under a week, you’ll earn extra rewards.

For just completing the job, you’ll earn a 1 star rating, worth a prize of 216 Cafe Points and 3240 coins. If you can finish the job in under seven days, you’ll receive a 2 star rating, 360 Cafe Points, 5400 coins, and you’ll unlock the next catering order to complete (we’ll have more information about that order as it becomes available). Finally, if you can finish the job in under 3 days (that’s 3 days and 0 hours exactly), you’ll earn the 3 star rating, worth 504 Cafe Points and 7560 coins. You’ll unlock the next order in the catering business, and you’ll also unlock the exclusive new Birthday Cupcakes recipe that you can cook for your guests in the future.

While the task may sound daunting, especially for those who wish to tackle the 3 star rating for the mission, you can make the job a bit easier by asking your friends to help you. This is done by checking on your status in the mission and asking friends to join in your catering crew by sending them a request much like a gift request. You can have a crew of up to five members. This means that when you serve one of the three dishes, some of your servings (duplicate servings – nothing is taken from your own progress) are sent to their completion totals and vice versa.

You can also finish the mission instantly by simply completing each step with Cafe Cash. The Triple Berry Cheesecake costs 10 Cafe Cash to complete, while the Clubhouse Sandwich costs 6. Interestingly, the Cheeseburger costs just 4 Cafe Cash to complete, regardless of the fact that it requires the most servings (presumably due to its extremely low cooking time of 5 minutes).

If you finish with a 3-star rating, you’ll unlock the Birthday Cupcakes Recipe, which can be cooked for 127 coins. It is ready to serve in 15 minutes, and comes with 19 servings to sell. These servings are sold for 10 coins each, for a total of 190 coins in return. You’ll earn just 10 Cafe Points in the process of cooking and selling the Cupcakes.

Be sure to head over to the game’s page to start tackling this catering job now.

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