Purchase Oversized Items in Pet Society’s Newest Theme

No one can say that Playfish isn’t creative when it comes to new themes, as this week we see a creative new theme containing items that will make your pet feel as though they’ve shrunk! Oversized items are now available in several of the games stores, and come in the form of basic, everyday items that have been blown up to extraordinary sizes.

The theme starts off in the Living Room section of the Furniture Store, where you’ll find spools of thread, candles, dice and even a teacup that are entirely oversized. The items seem fairly affordable here, ranging from 350 coins for the Dice Seat to 600 coins for the Teacup Table.


Also in the Furniture Store, but this time under the Kitchen and Bathroom section, you’ll find a polka-dotted cereal bowl filled with what appear to be Fruit Loops. This item is called the Cereal Bathtub, and it will allow your pet to take a bath in its cereal, for the cost of 3,000 coins to add it to your home.

Finally, in the Bedroom section of the Furniture Store, you’ll find a bed made from a book, and a nightstand made from matchboxes, costing 2,000 and 800 coins, respectively.

Over in the game’s Market, you’ll also find a few interesting items. Under Toys and Collectibles, you’ll find an Oversized Mayor Stamp for 500 coins, while under Party & Gifts you’ll see a new “community building” object in the form of a giant roller skate turned into a car. You’ll need the help of your friends in order to construct the car, as you’ll need 20 parts in order to build it. Each friend that helps will receive some coins as a reward, or if you’d rather simply purchase the car outright, you can do so for 25 Playfish Cash.

In the clothing store, rather than offering themed clothing items for your pets, the items here are accessory items, with an Overgrown Strawberry Hat and a Pet Soda Cap Hat being available for 700 coins each.


Over in the D.I.Y. Shop, under the Windows & Doors section, you’ll find a Safetypin Window for 1,200 coins, while under Fixtures & Fittings, you’ll see a massive lightbulb called the Giant Ceiling Light, which is available for 600 coins. It glows in the dark, if that helps in your decision as to whether or not to purchase it.

Finally, in the game’s Food Store, you can find three oversized pieces of food in the form of a Pink Giant Candy for 100 coins, a Giant Chocolate Block for 250 coins, and a Giant Minicake for 160 coins.

With some of these items being available just for one week, you’ll want to make sure to head over to the game’s page on Facebook to start shopping for all that you’re interested in as soon as possible.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Pet Society

Playfish is celebrating Cinco de Mayo this week with the release of a slew of new items. For starters, in the game’s Garden Shop, you can pick up a pretty pot of chili peppers for 450 coins. Check out our latest post on electric tankless water heaters 2019 now!

Next, in the Mystery Shop, you’ll find quite a few new interesting and functional items. First, a Mystery Pinata serves as a themed mystery box, rewarding you with one of five different items when you open it. It can be purchased for 7 Playfish Cash. Additionally, you can purchase the services of a Mexican Food Delivery who will bring you a different Mexican themed dish once daily until May 12. Similarly, there are two round pinata options that give you candy, once a day, until May 12.


Moving onto the Furniture Store, we see the release of quite a few new items for the living room. There’s a Serape Wall Hanging, multiple colors of tables and chairs, colorful Maracas, Terracotta Pottery and even a Sombrero! Items range in price from 250 coins for a Mexican Wooden Chair to 1,500 coins for a piece of Sun and Moon wall art.

Continuing on, the Clothing Store has options for both boys and girls that will get your pets ready to party. Girl pets can try on Mexican Party Dresses while boy pets can wear dress up in one of three costumes – Mariachi, Luchadore or Mexican Bandit.

Lastly, in the D.I.Y. Shop, you can pick up carpeting, Terracotta Flooring and a Light Stucco Wallpaper, with all of these items being sure to bring the whole look of the theme together in your home.


If you’d like to start your own Cinco de Mayo celebration in Pet Society, head over to the game’s page on Facebook.