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Tue, Aug 3, 2010

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If you’re looking for a car-themed simulation game on Facebook, look no further than Cie Games’ Car Town, a game that launched just week. The game allows you to run an Auto Shop, where you’ll be able to fulfill customers’ orders for services such as full car detailing, car washes, accessory upgrades and more.

You’ll start the game by being able to choose one of three starter cars, and you’ll earn more cars as you play the game and level up. These cars can be used to perform side jobs, like delivering pizza, in order to keep the money and experience points constantly flowing in. If you have friends that play the game, you’ll also be able to engage in a racing mini-game against them, with said mini-game being little more than a timing test – how fast and accurately you can click on a green button to send your car down a small straight-away.

As you earn funds from performing services on your friends’ cars (they automatically pull up outside your Auto Shop, and you can bring them in as you see fit), you can upgrade not only your Auto Shop, but your car itself, increasing its performance (suspension, tires, engine and so on), and its look, by choosing new paint colors, body kits, rims, wheel height, and so on (think a lite-version of Need for Speed, for those who are familiar with that franchise).

You can also improve your Auto Shop itself, by adding new Car Bays. The more bays you have, obviously the more cars you can service at once. As you might be accustomed to from other Facebook games, you’ll need to hire employees to work on cars, and you’ll “hire” your Facebook friends to be your employees – don’t worry, this is all automatic, your friends don’t have to add the game to be your employee.

Adding incentive to the gameplay is the fact that the cars in Car Town are real models, like Mustangs and Volkswagon Beetles. However, instead of being full-sized cars, they seem to have been “squished,” if you will, being shorter than the average car, and therefore fitting with the game’s cute, animated graphics.

Other game features include the ability to enter your newly customized car into Car Shows, and to send your friends in-game messages via the included inbox (no traveling to multiple profiles to talk to your friends about the game).

While the basic concept of setting jobs into motion only to come back after a certain amount of time to collect your rewards is one of the very fundamentals in Facebook gaming, this car theme is definitely a fresh change of pace. If you’d like to take Car Town for a test drive, head over to the game’s page on Facebook. Before you go, check out our Frisky Hands-On of the game to see just what to expect from the game.

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  • Devynhess

    you cant move the cones and i want to get rid of them how do i do it

  • cars

    click on it and hold it until it turns green u have to click right on the corner

  • Jdubu15

    i tried that i didnt work

  • Killak2030

    how many employees can you have at level 11?

  • Emacman123

    to get rid of them there is 2 ways putting them in your storage or sell them you have to go in edit garage click on object and hold drag to storage and there its in storage now to sell it you click on storage and click on the item and hold and drag to the recycle box

  • Shane phillips

    how do i send cars to neighbors?

  • Chester Humbertson

    This article is rattling interesting for my.

  • waz_up

    is there a game like car town?

  • Bratsrus2

    i just got the mclaren f1 for free! goto>>

  • Brandy Shaul

    It currently isn’t possible to send gifts to friends. However, there is an ongoing debate on the game’s forums as to whether or not that should be the case, so keep playing! They might be coming soon!

  • G zus

    **NEW** I just got 246 Car Town Points for FREE!! **NEW**

    ** **

  • Anthony Teresa

    Enlarge your screen to make the item bigger

  • Anthony Teresa

    Enlarge your screen to make the item bigger