Can You Survive in Jungle Extreme?

Sun, May 30, 2010

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If you like farming games but are looking for something extra or something new, Jungle Extreme might be the thing. The game, developed by Targa, combines farming mechanics with survival in a hostile jungle.

You will have the abilities to plow land to create plots, plant crops, and harvest your crops for coins. You will also have the option to buy renewing crops, like trees and animals, which never die and reward you periodically with coins. Pretty standard so far; we’ve seen iterations of this same idea in every farming game on Facebook. But now comes the different part: your ‘farm’ is really a small area in a very large and hostile jungle. As such, you will need to use everything you can find, be it beetles, firewood, or rare seeds.

The game is still in the early stages of Beta so the survival mechanic is not as deep as it can be, but it certainly shows potential. When it is night time, your game gets dark and you will need to collect firewood and make a fire to increase visibility on your screen. The larger the fire, the brighter everything is. If you run out of wood, you can either buy it or chop down some of the trees that you planted, losing their renewing crop but gaining some life sustaining wood. If you find ants on your farm, you will need to set up a trap to catch them over a period of time. If you successfully catch them, you will get more coins; if you wait too long to check the trap, the ants will escape.

You can check out Jungle Extreme here.

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