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Sat, Sep 11, 2010

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As the days of summer come to a close, Zynga wants to make sure that all users can enjoy the last few moments of warm weather, at least virtually, by releasing a new set of items in FrontierVille. In addition to this, a new “Missions” logo has appeared in the “My Stuff” backpack.

Enjoy Nature With New Camping Items

The next time you check the Decorations section of the store, you’re going to find a whole slew of new items waiting for you. These items fit into a new camping theme, and contain all of the essentials for a great trip into the outdoors. There’s a large tent, sleeping bag (or bed roll, as they are called on the Homestead), marshmallows and hot dogs on sticks, and even a popcorn kettle over a roaring fire, all of which are available to purchase for Horseshoes – 7 to 30 Horseshoes, to be exact.

There is another Bed Roll available to purchase with coins, along with a hiking backpack, a hanging lantern, a hand-held lantern, two camping seats, a canteen, and a coffee pot, which can all also be purchased with coins. The cheapest item in the theme is the coffee pot, available to purchase for 400 coins, while the most expensive is the Hanging Lantern, which will set you back 8000 coins and 5 wood.

Some of these items are limited edition, with said items only being available in the the game for the next 9 days. You’ll want to make sure to shop for these items now, rather than waiting, to make sure they don’t sell out before you’ve had your chance.

“Missions” Area Coming Soon

If you click on the backpack in the lower right corner of the gameplay area, the backpack that is technically known as the “My Stuff” button, you’ll see that a new icon has appeared under the menu that pops-up. The entire menu has been redesigned, placing Gifts, Inventory, and Family Album across the top, and Collections on the bottom, alongside the new Missions button.

Currently, the “Missions” button is labeled as “Coming Soon!” so we’re not exactly sure what it’s function will be. However, since it’s always fun to speculate, one could assume that this area will serve as the future home for all of our quests. Why? Aside from the name “Missions,” which leads one to this line of thinking, it has become increasingly difficult to multi-task quests in FrontierVille, as more and more “purchase-only” quests are added.

As an example, if you are currently working on the Back to School, Land Expansion and Foundry Quests, those three icons take up three out of the five slots along the left hand side of the screen, leaving only two for quests that appear as the natural progression of the game. While this may not seem like a bad thing, it is entirely possible for someone to have four or even five of these “regular” quests at once, leaving any subsequent quests hidden. They’re still active, of course, and you can still complete them, but how will you know what to do if you can’t click on their icon and see the objectives?

Hopefully this new Missions area will solve all of that, but if it turns out to have some other purpose, we’ll be sure to let you know that too. In the meantime, help us speculate in the comments – what else could this Missions tab relate to?

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