Camp Yo Kitchen Furniture, Cars & A Speedway – YoVille Updates!

Thu, Aug 19, 2010

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A few exciting updates have come to the world of YoVille, starting with a release of a slew of Camp Yo themed items for the kitchen, and ending with the release of an item that users have been absolutely clamoring for in the game – cars.

Cook Up Some S’mores With Camp-Yo Kitchen Items

If you’re one of the many users that has been patiently awaiting the expansion of the Camp Yo theme in the game, your wait is over, as Kitchen items have come to the theme, leaving only Bathroom furniture remaining in the unreleased column.

For the Kitchen furniture, the same rule applies as elsewhere. You’ll be able to choose from some basic item templates, in four different colors: blue, brown, tan, and red. For Yo Cash, you can pick up Stove/Microwave Combos, Kitchen Islands, Refrigerators, Counters, Sinks (complete with some dishes), and Stove Tops (just the burners). The items range in price from 3 to 6 YoCash, which is fairly cheap, considering the price of items in previous themes.

For the second time in this theme, we see that the items costing coins actually outnumber the premium items, which is incredibly exciting for those users who may have become tired of the game’s growing reliance on YoCash. Here, the items available for coins are Kitchen Tables, China Cabinets, Counter Front Views, Counter Side Views, Dishwasher Overlays, Oven Overlays, Pantries, and Dinner Settings. The prices for these items range from 600 coins for the Dinner Settings to 1150 for multiple items, including some of the kitchen counters.

There are 58 items available in the Kitchen portion, bringing the grand total of Camp Yo items released thus far to 184.

Buy A Car for Your Avatar

One of the most anticipated items in the game has been the release of cars in the game. Not just cars that sit around, mind you, but cars that your avatar can actually drive.

The time has come for those items to be released in the game, and as of this writing, you can purchase one of four models of cars from the game’s new Car Dealership. The cars are the Pink Coupe, Red Sports Car, Black Luxury Car, and Green Hybrid.

The Pink Coupe, Red Sports Car, and Black Luxury Car cost 35, 39, and 49 YoCash, respectively, while the Green Hybrid costs 20,000 coins, that is, if you can fulfill the requirement to unlock the ability to purchase one. You’ll need to find 10 YoVille neighbors that will co-sign on your car “loan,” thus allowing you to purchase the car for the coins. If you’d rather skip the process, or simply don’t have enough friends to help you, you can purchase the Hybrid car for 35 YoCash.

Once you purchase the car, your avatar will appear to drive the car around the game, including driving into stores. This basically means that we should all prepare to see avatar heads sticking out of these cars wherever we go now in the game. Head over to the game’s page to purchase your own car for your avatar, or to purchase these Kitchen items for your camp or home.

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