Camp Yo Collectibles, Outdoor/Picnic Decorations – YoVille Updates!

Wed, Aug 25, 2010

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Regardless of the fact that the Camp Yo Bathroom items have already been released in YoVille, which normally signifies the end of a theme in the game, the Camp Yo theme is continuing to gain speed, with the release of a second set of collectible items, along with a new set of outdoor decorations in the same theme.

Create a Picnic With Camp Yo Outdoor Accessories

A fifth section of the Camp Yo theme has been added to the YoVille Furniture Store, and it will allow you to better decorate, and therefore enjoy, the great outdoors, either at Camp Yo, or at the Campground.

There are 53 new items to choose from, under a “Camp Yo Picnic” heading. There are some interesting additions in this theme, including Bunk Beds in the theme’s four basic colors – Red, Tan, Blue and Brown (we say interesting because they have nothing to do with the outdoors), while other items, like fencing, a lodge sign, mountain bikes, air mattresses, tents, portable chairs, and even a bug zapper make much more sense in this section of the theme.

There are some functional or furniture items here that will allow you to create a sort of professional campground in any of the outdoor spaces you might own, including a stone drinking fountain, picnic benches and tables, and log seating, and even Port-O-Pottys.

This section of the theme is by far the most varied, containing some pretty neat items, if you have any interest whatsoever in decorating for activities in the great outdoors.

Camp Yo Golf Cart and Motor Boat Now Available

In the Collectibles section of the YoVille Furniture Store, you can now find two new objects in the Camp Yo theme, replacing the Slip and Splash, and Grizzly Statue items previously available.

The first item is the Camp Yo Golf Cart, available for 35 YoCash. The item’s description says nothing of whether the item is animated, or whether it’s simply stationary.

The other new collectible is the Camp Yo Motor Boat Floatable, which costs 19,000 coins to purchase. For those that have purchased any building or property containing a body of water, or at least a pool, this would make a great addition, adding to the realism of the entire theme.

As usual, these collectible items will only be available for a limited time, in this case, the next 12 or so days, so be sure to head over to the game’s page to purchase any that interest you.

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