Cafe World’s Cake vs Pie Debate Has Been Settled

Fri, Jul 2, 2010

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Over the past few months, Zynga has been asking Cafe World users to choose which they liked better – Cake or Pie. The debate turned into an all-out tournament, pitting various cake types and pie types against one another to find out first which was the best cake and pie, and finally, pitted those two finalist against one another to find the ultimate in tasty treats.

The competition is now over, and Chocolate Cream Pie has been named the victor in this sweet treat debate. What does this mean for players of Cafe World? It means that the recipe will be staying in the cookbook, available for users to cook, apparently for eternity. If  you’d like to do so, you can cook the pie for 445 coins. After it cooks for 10 hours, you’ll have 345 servings that go for 6 coins each, for a total of 2070 coins in total. You’ll earn 111 Cafe Points in the process of cooking and serving the dish.

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