Cafe World Updates: Open Your Own Catering Business, Perform Outside Missions for Friends

Tue, Jul 20, 2010

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We told you a few days ago that Zynga would soon implement a “catering business” into Cafe World, and it looks like the first elements of that addition are beginning to appear in the game. Specifically, you now have a Catering Van sitting outside your cafe, but you’ll need the help of quite a few friends to actually get the event rolling.

First, the next time you login to the game, you’ll be met with a couple of introductory pop-ups. One tells you that you have a letter waiting for you, while reading the letter gives you a second window, as your Great Uncle Moneybags has decided that it’s time for your business to expand.

You’ll find that in order to set up the Catering Business, you’ll need to collect three different items: Friendly Advice, Recommendations, and VIP Clients. However, one of each simply won’t do, and that’s why you’ll need to collect 12 pieces of Friendly Advice, 16 Recommendations and 12 VIP Clients. You can keep track of how many you have of each by clicking on the Catering Van icon on the right side of the gameplay screen at any time (note that if you’re indoors when you click on it, you will be taken outdoors to look at your progress screen).

Clicking on the “ask” button associated with any of the three “ingredients,” if you will, takes you to a reverse of the game’s free gifts page, where instead of sending your friend a request containing a free item, you’ll be sending them a plea for help, so that they can send you the particular item that you want.

Interestingly, that’s the only way you can come across these items, as they are not available to send on the game’s free gifts page.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to earn more Cafe Points in the game, you can now do so by helping performing missions outside your neighbors’ cafes. When you visit a friend’s cafe, you can go outside and not only view their exterior decorations, but can also help them by doing tasks like watering a vegetable garden.

The pop-up for the outdoor mission will appear automatically when you go outside, as seen below.

After helping, you’ll receive 50 Cafe Points, and can share the news of your kindness with your friend, by posting a news item to their Facebook profile (that is, their own wall, not to the general public).

Head over to the game’s page to start your own Catering Business, or to start helping your friends in the great outdoors.

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