Cafe World Updates: Decorate the Exterior of Your Cafe; Catering Coming Soon

Thu, Jul 15, 2010

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For a few months now, we’ve been teased with the knowledge that “something big” was coming to Cafe World, namely, the outdoor areas of Cafe World, as a construction crew hinted at such in the top right corner of the gameplay screen.

Now, the next time you log into the game, you’ll see that that “something big” has been a complete overhaul of the game’s exterior portions, meaning that you can now add a roof, windows, new doors, and landscaping to your plot of land and cafe in the game. As this is a fairly massive update, we’ll take you through the steps necessary to get you used to the idea of having an outdoor portion to your cafe.

First, when you login, you’ll see the following pop up, letting you know that City Hall has granted all users permits to decorate the exterior of their cafe.

By clicking on the “Let’s Play Outside” button, you’ll see a brief tutorial, letting you know that your first step can be to add a new roof to your cafe.

Click on the paint brush in the new toolbar at the bottom of the scree, and you’ll be able to choose from 14 different roof options, seven of which go for Cafe Cash, and the other seven for coins, ranging from 100,000 for the stock roof, to 9 million for the Boat Rooftop (perfect for a Pirate themed restaurant).

Also under the Paintbrush menu option are new windows, doors, exterior wall materials, along with wall decorations, like signs and lanterns. Here’s a look at some of the available items – notice that there are items available in all categories for both Cafe Cash and for coins. Also, it should be noted that, just as with interior wallpaper and paint, these exterior wall portions are added one square at a time.

Now that the actual structure of your cafe has been customized to your liking, you can address the landscaping, which is found under three sections in the Wheelbarrow section of the store – the Wheelbarrow icon is located right next to the paint brush.

There, you’ll find an Outside Grounds section, where grass is free, but items like sidewalks, parking lots and grass portions with weeds included will cost coins. There are no Cafe Cash options for “flooring” as of this writing. Where there are Cafe Cash items, however, is under the Outdoor Plants section, where you’ll find trees, clover, bushes, hedges, and flowers, among others. Finally, the Outside Decor section contains fencing, walls, lamp posts and even a fire hydrant that can be placed next to the street.

If the idea of outdoor decorations doesn’t already have you excited, then perhaps that news that the game will also be expanding to include catering will. The details concerning catering in the game are still incredibly slim, but we know that it is coming to the game, thanks to a portion of the outdoor decorating tutorial menu that confirmed it.

Be sure to head over to the game’s page to enter the outdoor space and decorate your own cafe. Will you make the exterior match the interior, or will you carry on two separate themes? The choices are endless, and it’s all up to you – let us know what you think of this new gameplay feature!

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  • Jarule1

    I still do not understand the point of this. You cannot drag any tables or chairs outside nor is there the option to purchase any outdoor furniture. Hence there is no way to serve customers outside, rendering the option completely useless except for the folks at Zynga who hope that users will purchase Cafe Cash or Coins for the purpose of outdoor “decorating.”

  • Brandy Shaul

    It's our understanding that thus us but the first step in Zynga's enhancement of the outdoor space in the game, as last April we were hinted at that outdoor furniture would be coming to the game, apparently along with the ability to serve guests that are sitting outdoors.

    Here's the link to article we posted about those tables:

  • Walther

    The trees and flowers are way too small. What were the developers thinking?

  • Asweetsin22

    So my catering business is at 99% how long, if anyone knows, will it take to get the permit from city hall??

  • Brandy Shaul

    That unfortunately is anyone's guess at this point. We'll be sure to let you know when the feature expands!!

  • Glynn93

    I love the catering business!!!!!!!!!

  • January Leidig

    How can you cancel a cartering job once you’ve started? You can cancel a job on farmville.

  • Talor Berthelson

    @January Leidig: To our knowledge, you cannot cancel the job. However, in the case of the birthday cake job, as an example, you can restart the job if the star rating does not match your satisfaction. You must finish the job before you can restart, though.