Cafe World Travels Back in Time With New Jurassic Themed Items

If you suddenly get a feeling like you’ve traveled back in time the next time you load up Café World, don’t fear – that’s just the release of new Jurassic themed items to the game that has you feeling like you’ve traveled to a different time.


There are plenty of items in this new themed pack to choose from. Your customers can eat on stone tables and turtle chairs (priced at 3 and 1 Café Cash, respectively), stare at amber lamps and geysers, or even stand in awe of a (tiny) Tyrannosaurus Rex or an ancient fish swimming in an equally aged tank. And that’s just the beginning of what’s available here.

Items range in price from 5,000 to 60,000 coins (a bone sculpture and a stone TV hold down both ends of that scale) or between 1 and 18 Café Cash (a sleeping saber-toothed tiger will set you back the most cash). There are even animal print curtains and a stone door available to finish off the look.

To browse the full selection of items, head over to the game’s main page. And don’t worry – these items only look ferocious; they don’t really bite.

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