Cafe World Takes a Trip to the Beach with New Tropical Items

Fri, Mar 5, 2010

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Still living in the stone age in Cafe World? Prepare for a taste of something different, something tropical, something that screams “aloha.” Zynga has released the newest theme of decorations to the game, and they will surely do the trick of killing the Winter blues and getting everyone in the mood for Spring (or, in my case, I’ve skipped Spring and gone straight to longing for summer).

There are almost three dozen new items in the game for your browsing pleasure, with a pretty fair split between items that are available for coins, or for Cafe Cash.

For those who are on a budget (ie: coin shoppers), you can pick up standing planters and surfboards, wall art (more surfboards, and even a life preserver), two types of flooring, trash cans, bamboo fence dividers, and large stone tikis, just for starters. The cheapest coin-only items come in the form of two carpet swatches and one wallpaper pattern at 500 coins, and the prices rise from there all the way up to 150,000 for a musical monkey.

Conversely, if you’ve got some Cafe Cash that’s burning a hole in your proverbial pocket, you can choose from a more unique array of items, like coconut chairs, scenic beach wallpaper, a juice bar, an animated crab, and even a mermaid sitting on a rock. The items range from 1 to 18 Cafe Cash, so no matter how much you have saved up, so long as you have one, you can give your cafe at least a small touch of island flare.

Head over to your own Cafe to browse the full selection of items at your leisure.

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