Cafe World Super Stoves Now Take Ten Less Parts to Build; Spice Rack Ingredients Available to All!

Mon, Apr 26, 2010

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Those of you without a lot of active Cafe World neighbors may be struggling to finish building your first Super Stove, let alone move onto the next. Zynga has apparently realized this fact, as they have decided to show a bit of mercy on all players by slightly lowering the requirements to build a Super Stove.

A message at the top of the game states “Build a Super Stove now and one-click cooking will be yours! For a limited time, the build takes 10 less parts!”

Sure enough, head into the Super Stove’s progress menu and you’ll see that each category now only takes 10 pieces to build, rather than 12 or 14 (depending on the part) as was the case previously.

To go along with this generosity, Zynga has also made Spice Racks easier to complete, by allowing each user to send all five ingredients to friends. That’s right, if you’ve been waiting for lids, now all of your Cafe World friends can send them to you, leaving you with little excuse to not finish the Spice Rack. Even more incentive will be coming in the future too, as Zynga posted on the game’s fan page that spices will play a more important role in the game soon.

As for the stoves, the message above says that this convenience will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to head over to the game’s page to capitalize on this chance while you still can.

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