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Wed, Sep 22, 2010

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After you’ve finished the Grandpa’s BBQ Catering Mission in Cafe World with at least a two star rating, you’ll then unlock the sixth mission in the series, entitled Sunday Brunch.

Sunday Brunch is arguably the most difficult challenge yet, due mostly to the fact that one of the required recipes isn’t unlocked until level 43.  As it stands, you’ll need to cook and serve the following dishes to complete this mission, or pay the following amounts of Cafe Cash to bypass these steps:

  • Eggs Benedict – 195 times – 16 Cafe Cash
  • Lox Bagel – 195 times – 14 Cafe Cash
  • Belgian Waffles – 120 times – 12 Cafe Cash
  • Powdered French Toast – 120 times – 8 Cafe Cash

The French Toast is the aforementioned high level recipe, which means that unless you are level 43 or above in the game, you’ll need to rely on your teammates to help cook this portion of the job for you (or simply purchase it outright for the 8 Cafe Cash). Luckily, you can have 21 friends join in on the job with you, for a total crew size of 22 chefs.

But that’s not all. In addition to cooking these 630 portions of brunch-specific recipes, you’ll also need to collect 10 Bottles of Maple Syrup and 15 Serving Baskets to finish the order. You can, as usual, as your friends for help in collecting these items, or you can purchase each individual item outright for Cafe Cash. The Maple Syrup costs 2 Cafe Cash per bottle, for a total of 20 Cafe Cash, while the Serving Baskets cost 1 Cafe Cash each, or 15 Cafe Cash in total.

As usual, you can complete this job with multiple star ratings. For a three star rating, you’ll need to finish the job within 3 days, and you’ll receive the following as a reward: 4,158 Cafe Points (the game’s experience points), 62,370 coins, the new Banana Nut Muffin Recipe, and you’ll unlock the next Catering Business job, which has yet to be announced or released.

If you finish the mission within seven days, you’ll receive two stars, and will receive 2,970 Cafe Points and 44,450 coins, as well as unlocking the next catering order, while finishing the mission after seven days earns you the one star rating, 1,782 Cafe Points and 26,370 coins.

Remember, once you cook the food required for the mission, feel free to sell any available servings to Dale in your continued effort to finish the Warehouse Dale Catering Mission. And also remember that if you don’t receive the star rating you want this time around, you can always restart the mission in order to have another chance at unlocking the next mission.

One final tip – you don’t have to activate the mission on your account in order to start cooking food. That being the case, make sure to fill your stoves with one of these recipes before you start the job, as they will count in your progress and you can instantly serve them and move on to your next set, moving you that much closer to a finished job, without wasting the time in your overall mission countdown!

Head over to Cafe World to see if you’re ready to start the Sunday Brunch Catering Mission. Good luck to all you as you start it!

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