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Mon, Mar 8, 2010

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Fans of Cafe World have been waiting patiently (or, in my case, not so patiently) for the true launch of the in-game spice rack for a couple of weeks now. After obediently collecting shelves, lids and jars of all sizes, we were left with a delay in the arrival of the spices to fill those jars until just a few short days ago.

Now, when you login to your cafe, you’ll be allowed to post a cry for help from your friends to help open your newly delivered crate of spices for use on your food. The cry for help comes in the form of a news feed item, which asks your friends to click on a link to help open the crate.

Afterward, you’ll be given a sample of the new spices, so as to see their varying effects in action for yourself. As of now, there are six specific spices to choose from:

Super Salt – Adds 5% more to the total number of servings in a dish
Power Pepper – Adds 10% more servings to a dish
Onehour Thyme – Speeds up cooking time by one hour
Sixhour Thyme – Speeds up cooking time by six hours
Instant Thyme – Makes a dish instantly ready to serve (even if it just started to cook seconds before)
Salvage Sage – Restores a spoiled dish to an edible state

A Mystery Spice is also available, that can be received from friends either voluntarily, via the Free Gifts page, or by request, via a post on your news feed asking for your friends to give you some. As the name suggests, the Mystery Spice has a mystery effect, which can be identical to the upgrades found with the named spices, but can also be entirely different, like free cafe points or speeding cooking time by two minutes (yes, just two).

Obviously a spice like the Instant Thyme will be most valuable to players, as it will allow them to cook a dish like, say, the Giant Dino Egg, which normally takes three days to cook in a matter of seconds, and immediately start raking in the profits. However, as you might expect, such a luxury doesn’t come cheap, with new shipments of the Instant Thyme costing Cafe Cash – lots of Cafe Cash, depending on the quantity of spices you’re looking to purchase (anywhere from 25 to 145 for a six-pack up to a 100-pack).

Other spices can be purchased for coins, or for just less amounts of Cafe Cash. A six-pack of Super Salt will only set you back 1800 coins, as an example.

Luckily, applying spices to your dishes is an instant process, so if you’d like to take a few seconds to add some spice to your menu, head over to the game’s page and get to cooking!

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