Cafe World Lightning Stoves Now Easier to Build

Mon, Jun 28, 2010

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When Lightning Stoves launched in Cafe World a few weeks ago, they required 40 parts to build – 10 each of four different ingredients: Science Books, Tesla Coils, Flux Switches and Vacuum Tubes. Now, though, Zynga has acknowledged the difficulty some users were having in building the stoves, as they have lowered the item requirements by five.

As there are four ingredients, but five individual units have been removed, you’ll notice the odd numbering of the items that are now required for the stove. Now, you still need 10 Science Books and Vacuum Tubes, but you only need 7 Tesla Coils and 8 Flux Switches in all.

Have you built a Lightning Stove yet? Head over to the game’s page to check in on your progress and to see if this change has helped you finish any of the four ingredients.

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