Cafe World Lightning Stoves Now Cook Even Faster!

Thu, Jun 10, 2010

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After launching Lightning Stoves in Cafe World a few days ago, Zynga was met with a slew of user feedback, letting them know that a simple 5% increase in the speed of the stove didn’t warrant the 45 Cafe Cash price tag of purchasing a Lightning Stove in the store.

What have they done to rectify this? They’ve upgraded Lightning Stoves to now be 10% faster than the average stove, thus doubling the bonus you would have originally had from purchasing one. Don’t worry, if you already bought stoves, the upgrade will be passed on to you too, not just to those new stoves that are purchased from the store.

With these new stoves allowing for faster than ever cooking in the game, let us know in the comments – is 10% enough for you to shell out the Cafe Cash, or will you wait to see if something better comes along?

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